Crime in the City this week: NYPD attack investigation, NYC nightclub theft ring, NYCHA bribery bust

From the investigation into an attack on NYPD officers to the massive bust of a NYCHA bribery scheme, here's a look at this week's top crime stories throughout NYC.

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This week, we cover:

NYPD officers attacked bodycam video

Police body camera footage released Thursday night showed multiple angles of the Jan. 27 Times Square attack on two NYPD officers by a group of men.

The officers were seen on video instructing the men to go to W. 41st St, police said.

In the video, Yohenry Brito, the only suspect currently held at Rikers Island, is seen telling the officers 'don't touch me' before seconds later, after he grabs a stroller and begins walking, one of the officers grabs him and pins him against the wall.

The incident turned physical as the men around Brito responded to his arrest.

Times Square shooting

A gunman opened fire inside a Times Square store Thursday night, and then later shot at an officer, police said.

The suspect first opened fire inside the store, hitting a 37-year-old female tourist in the leg, police said. Then, just a few blocks away, the suspect opened fire again, police said, this time at an officer while trying to evade them.

A 15-year-old Venezuelan boy living in a temporary migrant shelter was arrested in connection to the shooting. The teen is also a suspect in a Bronx armed robbery on Jan. 27 and a shots-fired incident in Midtown, according to police. 

Bronx bodega thieves steal $100K

A pair of brazen thieves broke into a Bronx bodega over the weekend and stole $100,000 in cash, the NYPD said.

One of the men was seen in surveillance video opening up the register at Los Castillo's Mini Market in Morris Heights and stuffing a backpack with bills. 

The thieves appeared to have some knowledge of the security camera setup at the market, leading some, including Radhames Rodriguez, president of the United Bodegas of America, to infer the theft may have been an inside job.

NYCHA bribery scandal

The largest bribery bust in Justice Department history – that's what the Manhattan federal prosecutor called the arrest of around 70 suspects Tuesday in a six-state sting.

Homeland Security Investigations and the New York City Department of Investigation had been investigating the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) for years, according to 476 pages of court documents unsealed.

According to investigators, they uncovered systemic corruption plaguing the city's public housing, with about a third of its buildings run by people who are now under indictment for allegedly taking bribes from contractors in exchange for no-bid jobs and extorting those who were reluctant to pay.

In all, they allegedly raked in more than $2 million on $13 million worth of small jobs that were below the $10,000 threshold and did not have to go through a public bidding process.

Manhattan nightclub theft ring

Four people were indicted Tuesday by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office as part of a theft ring that had allegedly raked in thousands of dollars.

Prosecutors said the group used stolen credit cards and phones to access cash apps, where they bought Apple products and luxury goods totaling at least $420,000.

According to authorities, the suspects went into nightclubs across the borough, targeting those who appeared to be wealthy and under the influence.

The operation's leader would allegedly handpick their victims before he and his crew would encourage them to drink to the point of severe inebriation, in order to steal their credit cards and cell phones.

Once they got the cards, they made stops at Apple Stores and luxury retailers to spend the money. 

NYPD demonstrates deadly guns they’re taking off the streets

According to the NYPD, police removed more than 6,000 illegally owned guns off NYC streets in 2023. 

The Firearms & Tactics Section at Rodman’s Neck gave FOX 5 NY's Michelle Ross an exclusive look this week at the department’s firearm inventory, which they said is similar to guns that criminals are illegally in possession of.

The city seized 6,429 guns last year, which averages to nearly 18 guns a day. Handguns are the most frequent firearm seized by police.

Car thefts surge in NY, NJ

Car thefts are on the rise in New Jersey and New York, according to the latest statistics from the FBI.

Thieves are targeting luxury vehicles in driveways that have their mirrors out, a sure sign they are unlocked, authorities said.

But thieves have gotten even more brazen in recent months, breaking into homes in Summit, NJ, stealing car key fobs, and then taking the car right from the driveway. 

The thieves are targeting homes with luxury cars, such as Land Rovers, Mercedes and Range Rovers. Recently, police said there’s been an uptick in BMW’s X-Series and Alpina.