Fate of DACA hangs in the balance

President Donald Trump gave some mixed messages on when he would make his announcement on DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. The White House confirmed that 800,000 so-called DREAMers will learn their potential fate on Tuesday, September 5.

Yates on Capitol Hill

Sally Yates was acting U.S. attorney general for 10 days. Michael Flynn was national security adviser for 24 days. Both are causing enormous headaches for the Trump administration for completely opposite reasons. Reporting and testimony on Monday seem to show the Trump transition and administration quite literally ignored the warning signs about Flynn. The White House is now playing defense.

Lucrative post-presidency

Returning to the public stage this week in Chicago, former President Barack Obama urged young people to get involved in politics. That appearance was unpaid. A scheduled speech for Wall Street firm Cantor Fitzgerald this September is not. The 44th president will reportedly receive $400,000 for the appearance at a health care conference. But he is hardly the first former president to take on lucrative speaking engagements.

Man stalked Malia Obama

Former first daughter Malia Obama, 18, is doing an internship in New York City. A 30-year-old man showed up where she is working and begged her to marry him, according to reports. The Brooklyn man seems to be obsessed with Obama. TMZ reported that when he showed up last week at the building in Tribeca where she interns, Secret Service agents kicked him out.

Trump's wiretapping claim

Despite President Donald Trump's numerous tweets Saturday alleging that President Barack Obama ordered wiretaps of phones at Trump Tower before the election, the 45th president still is not offering any proof. But that isn't stopping members of the president's inner circle from calling for an investigation.