2nd COVID vaccine booster benefits the most vulnerable

The World Health Organization — the U.N.'s health agency — said evidence is limited but is increasing that a second booster dose of COVID-19 vaccine would benefit health workers, people who are 60 or older, and those with weak immune systems.

BA.2.12.1: What do we know about the new omicron mutant?

A new omicron mutant that is a descendent of the earlier "stealth omicron" has quickly gained ground in the United States. It was responsible for 29% of new COVID-19 infections nationally and about 58% of new infections in the New York region.

COVID vaccine: Moderna looks to update shots for fall

Moderna hopes to offer updated COVID-19 boosters in the fall that combine the original vaccine with protection against the latest variant. Before omicron struck, Moderna began testing a shot combining the original vaccine with protection against an earlier variant named beta.

BA.2: What do we know about 'stealth omicron'?

BA.2 — the so-called stealth omicron variant — has been driving new surges in parts of Asia and Europe and is now the dominant variant in the U.S. The extra-contagious variant doesn't seem to cause more severe disease.

Omicron subvariant driving rise in NYC COVID cases

The highly contagious omicron subvariant known as B.A. 2 now makes up the majority of COVID cases in New York City, accounting for 85 percent of new infections and forcing some Broadway shows to be canceled.

BA.2 variant may push up U.S. COVID cases, scientists warn

Scientists worry that a contagious coronavirus variant may soon push cases up in the United States just as it has in Europe and Asia. One reason? After about two months of falling cases in the U.S., COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted across the nation.