Young athletes lament lost sports seasons

These athletes—from Maryland to Connecticut, grade school through high school—say they just miss playing in games that matter, outside of their houses and apartments, with friends they haven't seen in weeks.

Newark’s Ironbound Stadium is back in the game

It’s been 32 years since anyone stepped on the field at Newark’s Ironbound Stadium. Once home to East Side High School’s football team, the field closed in 1987 after the federal government tested the soil and found it to be contaminated.

Grades changed at school

New Rochelle High School is facing yet another scandal. This time, an administrator is accused of tampering with grades.

Laundry in high school

Seeing a laundry room inside a high school is not common. But Newark's West Side High now has one. School administrators say kids were missing 3 to 5 days a week because of bullying. Sometimes the bullying was over dirty clothes.