NYC facing shortage of school nurses

There are growing concerns over a shortage of school nurses causing more than 700 of New York City’s 2,000 schools to go a partial or full day without a nurse on site. 

Students across NYC prepping for SHSAT exam

The pressure is on with just about a month to go until test day for the Specialized High School Admissions test, the lone entry exam for entry  into the City's eight elite high schools.

Being Muslim and female in New York

Many Muslims argue that the president's foreign policy is fostering a more vocal Islamophobia in the United States. And it is especially problematic for women who wear traditional garments, which they say makes them targets for hate.

The Big Idea: Hip Hop Ed

Something incredible is happening inside the Validus Prep Library.  The energy is at a fever pitch for the performers, not celebrities, but students who write verses to popular beats using the terminology of their science lessons.