NYC schools to restore lunch menus after complaints about moldy, unappetizing food

New York City schools are restoring their lunch menus after Brooklyn senator Iwen Chu got tons of complaints about moldy and unappetizing food.

"They don’t eat it," said one student. "They just sit there. Most people go on their phones."

According to Chu, and some hangry students, the quality of lunch meals in New York City Schools took a downturn early this year, after Mayor Adams cut $60 million from the Department of Education’s budget.

"I’m eating cold pizza. And cold sandwiches," one student told FOX 5.

"It’s just nothing but fries. It’s all fries," another student said.

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"I literally went to my daughter, and I asked her what do you eat for lunch? Show me your lunch photos tell me your friends show me your lunch photos," Chu said.

The photos came in from parents with kids in Brooklyn schools, Staten Island, and Manhattan. There were beans, rice, and fries. Some of the photos showed moldy fruit and moldy cream cheese. A good day was a cold sandwich. 

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"Everybody at the school, they throw the lunch away," a student said.

"They don’t enjoy it, so they’re not gonna eat it," another student said.

A concerned Chu sent a letter to NYC Public Schools Chancellor David Banks, saying balancing the budget should not happen on the bellies of children, many who rely on the free lunch program for their nutritional needs. 

The DOE says this year participation in the free lunch program increased by 9%.

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Student favorites like the burritos, chicken tenders and dumplings had been cut to keep up. 

"Once we made some adjustments and pulled back on some menu items, we heard from the kids loud and clear. They were not happy about that," Banks said.

The DOE said not only are they’re investigating the state of school lunches and bringing back what the kids want.

"I’m happy to hear, but however, we need to make sure this is still consistency, because more stents deserve a quality nutritious healthy school lunch," Chu said.

The favorites- burritos, chicken fingers, and dumplings- are coming back on the menu at the end of March.