Twin sisters graduate [Our American Dream]

On May 19, Cristina and Maria Villon Bustillo accomplished the dream their parents had for them 11 years ago when they arrived in America. The identical twins, who had immigrated from Ecuador, graduated from St. John's University.

Eric Trump

President Donald Trump's son and adviser describes the onslaught of subpoenas he and his family have been receiving.

Shutdown stress and anxiety

With the federal government partially shut down, many furloughed federal workers are feeling financial stress. Antony Tseng, an environmental engineer with the EPA, decided to speak out. Tseng is also a volunteer EMT in Beacon, his hometown. The lack of a paycheck is already taking a toll.

Chained and starving family

In a disturbing case, police rescued 13 people from horrific conditions in a California home, several of them shackled to beds. Things started unfolding on Sunday morning when a 17-year-old girl said she had escaped her home in Riverside County and managed to call 911 from a cell phone she found inside the house.  The teenager claimed her 12 brothers and sisters were being held captive by her parents. 

Mail carrier hosts Thanksgiving

Miguel Perdomo is a pillar in this East Harlem neighborhood. A letter carrier for the U.S. Postal Service for 29 years, he has been on this route for 16. Perdomo's routes are like clockwork. And for 10 years now, so are his Thanksgiving meals for those who need it. He says his co-workers and local businesses chip in to help him feed 300 to 400 people on Thanksgiving meals.

9/11 ceremony at Ground Zero

For the families of those killed on 9/11, time does not heal all wounds. A ceremony was held at ground zero 16 years after the attacks. Bells marked the moments that planes struck each tower and the moment each tower fell. In 16 years, a lot has happened. Lower Manhattan has rebuilt and children of the victims have grown up.

Father and son bass players

If you believe in second chances, then you'll like the story inside the story about Asmar, the gifted 10-year-old bass guitar player, and his father, Asmar Johnson. What makes this relationship so remarkable and you could argue unlikely is about how that young man and the music helped turn his dad's life around.

Adopting teenagers

More than seven years ago, Luvato Howard decided to begin her journey as a foster parent. She said that her mother died when she was 5, so her grandmother raised her and her six siblings. Currently, 10,000 children are in the New York City foster care system, according to the New York Foundling.