Gen Z, millennials are reluctant to become parents

Gen Z and millennial Americans cite overwhelming student debt, the climate crisis, and low salaries as reasons they're not looking to have kids. How much has this driven down the birth rate in the U.S.?

What is an end-of-summer carnival?

Summer is not over—you still have time to have some fun. An end-of-summer carnival is a great theme for both adults and kids. Lindsey Peers, the owner of The Craft Studio, shows how you can do this at home.

Tiny, infectious worm found in NY parks

The Toxocara worm can cause fever, fatigue, coughing, rash, or abdominal pain, and in extreme cases, can cause blindness or cause neurological damage to the brain.

How families are handling the end of pandemic-era free school meals

The pandemic-era federal aid that made school meals available for free to all public school students — regardless of family income levels — is ending, raising fears about the effects in the upcoming school year for families already struggling with rising food and fuel costs.