New Jersey Senate votes to ban plastic, paper bags

New Jersey is again looking to change the way customers take home food and beverages. The state Senate on Thursday voted 22-14 to ban single-use plastic and paper bags along with foam containers. The bill would not ban plastic straws, but customers would have to request them.

Coastal storm risk management study halted

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has halted a study it was spearheading about how to protect the New York-New Jersey area from hurricanes and rising sea levels. The Corps said that funding for the study was pulled. A draft of a report from the Corps was expected this summer. Reported by Arthur Chi'en

Plastic bag ban to take effect March 1

New York retailers have begun giving up single-use plastic bags as the state prepares for the March 1 implementation of a ban aimed at reducing pollution, but many of those who support a move away from plastic are worried the new law doesn't go far enough.