How dangerous is ISIS-K in Afghanistan? | EXPLAINER

The Islamic State offshoot that Americans blame for Thursday's deadly suicide attacks outside the Kabul airport got its start six years ago with several hundred fighters who regarded the Taliban as too moderate. The group known as Islamic State Khorasan formed along the mountain border of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

FBI to review more 9/11 records for possible public release

The U.S. Justice Department said it intends to provide families of 9/11 victims with more information about the lead-up to the terrorist attacks in connection with a federal lawsuit seeking to hold the government of Saudi Arabia accountable.

Suspect faces terror charges in killing of Muslim family in Canada

Prosecutors laid terrorism charges against a man accused of driving down and killing four members of a Muslim family in London, Ontario. The prosecution says Nathaniel Veltman's four counts of first-degree murder constitute an act of terrorism and prosecutors have upgraded those charges under section 83 of Canada's Criminal Code.