The latest developments on the coronavirus pandemic for April 4, 2020

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7:55 PM: The NYPD has announced two more coronavirus-related deaths. Auxiliary Police Lieutenant Pierre Moise, who ha dbeen with the department since 1994, and School Safety Agent Linosee Mosley, who had also been with the force since 1994.

7:35 PM: As of 5p.m. on Saturday evening, there are 60,850 coronavirus cases in New York City. 12,716 people have been hospitalized, and 2,254 have died. 

The hardest-hit boroughs are:

  • Queens: 20,371 cases
  • Brooklyn: 16,488 cases
  • Bronx: 11,820 cases
  • Manhattan: 8,781 cases
  • Staten Island: 3,355 cases  

7:15 PM: The iconic ocean liner the RMS Queen Mary is being turned into a makeshift medical facility in California, to be used in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. 

6:55 PM: Governor Andrew Cuomo says that the NBA is contributing 1 million surgical masks to essential workers in New York in collaboration with the New York Knicks, the Brooklyn Nets, and china’s consul General Huang Ping. 

6:30 PM: According to Johns Hopkins University, there are now over 300,000 coronavirus cases in the U.S.

6:11 PM: Firefighters applauded health care workers and blared sirens from their trucks in New York City in a show of support for their emergency-response colleagues battling the COVID-19 outbreak in the city.

5:12 PM: Trump says he thought it was inappropriate for Capt. Crozier to write a letter warning of coronavirus cases onboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt and that the agrees with the decision to dismiss him

4:56 PM: Trump: “This country was not designed to be closed.”

4:47 PM: Dr. Anthony Fauci says that we should not be surprised to see a continuing increase in deaths, but that the focus should be on the continuing effect of mitigation. 

Fauci: “As sobering and as difficult as this is, what we are doing is making a difference.”

4:39 PM: Trump says the Small Business Association has already processed over 30,000 loans for small businesses and clarifies that houses of worship are eligible for the paycheck protection program. 

4:30 PM: Trump says 1,000 military personnel are deploying to NYC to assist with the coronavirus outbreak. 

4:26 PM: Trump says FEMA and the U.S. HHS have ordered 180 million N95 masks.

4:25 PM: Trump reiterates that the federal government is a backup to the states coronavirus response. 

4:22 PM: Trump says his administration is working with suppliers to make sure that the states in the most need are being taken care of. 

4:18 PM: President Trump says “there will be death” in the coming weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic.

4:16 PM: President Trump’s coronavirus task force is holding a press conference. Watch LIVE at this link:

2:58 PM: A six-year-old Tennessee boy who has cystic fibrosis said he beat COVID-19 after testing positive for the virus on March 19, a video shows.

2:24 PM: Murphy says that there is no evidence that the U.S. is considering martial law and reminds Americans to be aware of misleading and false information on social media. 

2:11 PM: Murphy says there will be a rigorous and transparent post-mortem after the crisis ends, to look at where there were failures and sucesses. 

1:47 PM: Over 362,000 people have applied for unemployment in New Jersey due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

1:35 PM: Persichilli says that over 4,000 people in New Jersey are currently hospitalized due to coronavirus. 1,494 people are in critical care and 1,263 of those people are on ventilators.

1:30 PM: New Jersey Commissioner of Health Judith Persichilli reiterates that while the CDC’s new cloth face covering guidelines are useful, it is in no way a replacement for social distancing in order to flatten the curve. 

1:28 PM: Murphy: “If we all do our part, there is no question in my mind we will win this war and emerge from this stronger.”

1:23 PM: The Bergen Community College testing site will open tomorrow, April 5 at 8 a.m. and will remain open until it reaches its 500-test capacity. Only people showing symptoms will be tested. The PNC Bank Arts Center site will be closed Sunday. 

1:20 PM: New Jersey will be receiving more than 70,000 N95 masks and 5,000 gloves, among other PPE, from the seizure of PPE supplies. 

1:17 PM: Murphy says the state is still looking to acquire more PPE and healthcare workers to fight the pandemic. 

1:11 PM: Murphy urges people of faith in New Jersey not to leave home to participate in upcoming religious holidays and practice their faith from home and observe social distancing. 

1:09 PM: Murphy says New Jersey's maps will continue to fly at half-mast throughout the coronavirus crisis. 

1:03 PM: Murphy says that another 4,331 residents have tested positive for coronavirus in NJ, bringing the statewide total to 34,124. In addition, 200 more residents have died bringing the total to 846. 

1:00 PM: NJ Gov. Phil Murphy and state officials update the public on the coronavirus response in New Jersey.  Watch LIVE at this link:

12:46 PM: Asian Americans are using social media to organize and fight back against racially motivated attacks during the pandemic, which the FBI predicts will increase as infections grow.

12:16 PM: South Korea has extended government guidelines urging people to social distance to slow the spread of the coronavirus for two weeks as infections continue to grow in the densely populated Seoul metropolitan area. Prime Minster Chung Sye-kyun says rising infections are linked to recent arrivals amid broadening outbreaks in Europe and the U.S.

11:36 AM: Cuomo asked if federal aide announced by Trump yesterday had arrived: We'll get back to you. The Javits Center is going to be the main federal assistance. Their staff. Their equipment. 

11:28 AM: Cuomo asked about being sued Thursday by the NRA: I've been sued by the NRA a dozen times. I didn't even know I was sued this week. I've become immune to lawsuits by the NRA. It's a slow day when I'm not sued.

11:25 AM: Cuomo: We're still gathering equipment. When you hit the apex, you have what you have. The federal stockpile is 10,000 ventilators but that's for the nation. We have those backup measures - the BiPAP machines, etc., and we'll have to make due.

11:21 AM: Cuomo: Look at the numbers, we've been saying watch Long Island. It is like a fire spreading. It's moving more east than it's moving more north.

11:19 AM: Cuomo: My cousin's daughter has a tragedy and they can't even hug each other. You can't even quantify the effect (this virus has) on society and the effect on individuals.

11:11 AM: Cuomo: We have really good news today: the Chinese government is going to facilitate a donation of 1,000 ventilators that will come into JFK today. Oregon is deliverying 140 ventilators to NY.

11:04 AM: Cuomo: We're not at the apex but that's good because we're not yet ready. The apex could be in about four to eight days.

11:03 PM: Cuomo: New Jersey has a big problem

11:02 AM: Cuomo: Total new cases is 10, 841. Total hospitalized is 15,905. The number of new deaths reported is 3,565 up 630 overnight. Total number of cases in NYS is 113,704.

11:00 AM: NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo and state officials update the public on the coronavirus response in New York.  Watch LIVE at this link:

10:14 AM: NYPD announces deaths of Auxiliary Police Lt. Pierre Moise and School Safety Agent Luis Albino from COVID-19.

9:38 AM: The FDNY urgest New Yorkers to reserve calls to 911 for a real emergency.

9:18 AM: Employment resources shared by the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office:

9:14 AM: In the U.K., 708 people have died after testing positive for coronavirus, raising the total to 4,313. The total number of confirmed cases has risen to 41,903.

9:05 AM: From the NYC Office of Emergency Management: Planned Flyover: A gray SH-60 U.S. Navy helicopter will be landing on the USNS Comfort at approximately 12:00 PM this afternoon. This helicopter will be flying in U.S Navy personnel that will be boarding the hospital ship.

9:01 AM: From the NYC Office of Emergency Management: Enjoy NYC’s parks from home! Visit for live video tours, meditation, fitness classes, activities for kids & more.