Teen surfer bitten by shark on Long Island speaks out

The latest shark bite victim in our area is a 16-year-old surfer from Long Island. It is at least the fifth person to get bitten in the area so far this summer. 

"I didn't see anything coming, I felt on my foot, like, a bear trap," Max Haynes said about the attack.

Haynes was surfing in the waters off of Kismet Beach on Fire Island at around 5:45 p.m. on Wednesday when he was bitten by a shark.  It happened soon after lifeguards left for the night.

The bite was minor, and he was able to walk out of the water. He was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital for treatment.

"I felt its presence around me when I was paddling back," Haynes said.  "I felt movement in the water when I was getting out of there."

He says the shark bit down and held down for about 3 seconds.

Suffolk County police went searching for the shark, but murky waters prevented them from finding it.

"I think I'm very lucky about the outcome," Haynes said.  "It gives me a cool story."

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The incident is yet another in a string of shark encounters in the waters off of Long Island and New York City this summer. 

Earlier in the day on Wednesday, a dead shark washed ashore on the beach of the village of Quogue.

Governor Kathy Hochul has ordered more drone and helicopter monitoring along the waters at Long Island State Park beaches in order to keep swimmers safe.