Spotted lanternfly glue traps pose risk to birds

Authorities in New York and New Jersey want residents to kill the invasive spotted lanternfly, which can devastate agriculture. But popular glue traps have an unintended consequence: they can also trap and injure birds.

Tiny albino gator hatches at Florida wildlife park

A rare albino alligator baby is the newest resident of a central Florida wildlife park. The owners of Wild Florida say the tiny gator is the only one that hatched out of nine eggs laid by its parents. An albino alligator's lack of skin pigmentation would make it an easy target for predators and therefore put it at risk in the wild.

Why shark sightings are more common at New York beaches

This summer, shark sightings are more common along New York's shores with at least five verified shark encounters where swimmers were bitten. An official explained why these so-called attacks are really just mistakes.