Wolf tracked near Yosemite for 1st time in 100 years

Gray wolves were eradicated in California early in the last century because of their perceived threat to livestock. Their reappearance in the state has riled ranchers, who say wolves have preyed on their livestock on public or private land.

Rescuers save abandoned sheep, shave off 78 pounds of matted wool

Rescuers in Australia saved an abandoned sheep who was weighed down with an astonishing 78 pounds of matted wool. The sheep, nicknamed "Baarack," struggled in the wild and could barely see. He managed to survive by eating grass and drinking water from puddles.

Great white shark count up significantly in Monterey Bay

The study found younger great white sharks that are between 5 and 9 feet long and traditionally concentrated in warm waters off northern Mexico and Southern California have moved north since 2014 as water temperatures have warmed.