City Under Siege: 24 hours in the fight to save New York

Before the pandemic swept in, America's biggest, loudest city often lived up to its own hype. Then the coronavirus all but shut it down, claiming lives from the Bronx to the Battery and beyond. Now the hush, whether at midnight or midday, is broken mostly by the wail of ambulances.

Concierge's work and family provide focus during pandemic

Joe DeLuca is up early to help his three children get ready for school. With schools closed indefinitely that means helping them with their assignments until he is relieved at noon by his wife, Frances, a home health aide who works mornings and weekends.

ER doctor's virus fight: 'We're all in with our patients'

New York emergency room doctor Joseph Habboushe is taking on the challenge of treating the new coronavirus. But he's not immune to the dread of being on the front lines of a fight against an enemy the world doesn't really know.

A race to deliver food to the elderly left alone

The coronavirus pandemic has kept loved ones apart, younger family members fearful of bringing the disease to older relatives who may be so much more susceptible. That's driven Carla Brown even more to make sure those elderly are receiving the care they need through her meals-on-wheels program that has seen an increase in deliveries in recent weeks.

TV host broadcasts from the living room sofa

TV personality Sara Haines isn't afraid to tackle serious subjects and has done so often as a co-host of "The View." Monday felt different. Confined to her home, she broadcast a segment from her living room couch about grief, compassion and loneliness.

Actor tries to stay connected while Broadway remains dark

The stages are quiet and the seats are empty on Broadway as New York City residents shelter in place to stem the spread of the coronavirus. For veteran actor E. Clayton Cornelious, being isolated in his Bronx apartment has been difficult.