Turbulence shakes Democrats going into final debate of 2019

A deepening sense of volatility is settling over the Democratic Party's presidential primary election on the eve of the sixth and final debate of 2019. The seven candidates who remain are being forced to grapple with unprecedented distraction from Washington.

Bloomberg: U.S. needs more immigrants

Former Mayor Mike Bloomberg said the United States would benefit from more immigrants, not fewer. Bloomberg is running for president as a Democrat.

Trump vs. Biden

Democrats won't pick their nominee for another year, but President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden are acting like the 2020 presidential contest is already a two-man race.

De Blasio hits the campaign trail

Mayor Bill de Blasio is still charging full speed ahead as the 23rd Democratic candidate to enter the presidential race. He is going cross country on the campaign trail and leaving the city he has watched over for nearly 6 years.

Can de Blasio win?

Mayor Bill de Blasio has entered a very crowded field of Democrats who hope to unseat President Donald Trump.

Mayor jumps into presidential race

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Thursday that he will seek the Democratic nomination for president, adding his name to an already long list of candidates itching for a chance to take on Donald Trump.

Protesters take aim at mayor

Protesters with the Police Benevolent Association gathered outside the Good Morning America studios on Thursday to picket Mayor Bill de Blasio, who announced that he is running for president.

Biden joins crowded Democratic field

Former Vice President Joe Biden is running for president in a crowded field of Democrats who all hope to be the one to defeat President Trump. Biden enters the race as a moderate candidate at the top of the polls. But that may be more a function of name recognition.

Joe Biden will run

Former Vice President Joe Biden is expected to officially launch his presidential bid next Wednesday, according to The Atlantic. Sources said Biden will make the announcement for his 2020 presidential run by video, using footage shot outside his old home in Scranton, Pa.

Democrats in NYC

The annual National Action Network Convention is colloquially known as "Al Sharpton's primary." It is a must-stop event for the 2020 Democratic candidates, all of whom are hungry for face time with African American voters.

Trump's budget

Democrats on the Hill are calling President Trump's $4.7 trillion budget plan "dead on arrival."

Funeral for a president

The life and public service of the nation's 41st President were celebrated with praise and humor at Washington National Cathedral on Wednesday as three former presidents looked on and a fourth - George W. Bush - prepared to eulogize his dad, the last president to fight in World War II.

Honoring George '41' Bush

e nation's capital embraced George H.W. Bush in death Monday with solemn ceremony and high tributes to his service and decency, as the remains of the 41st president took their place in the Capitol rotunda for three days of mourning and praise by the political elite and everyday citizens alike.