Jennifer Williams

Jennifer Williams

Sports Reporter

Jennifer Williams is a sports reporter for FOX 5 News.

Her experience includes ESPN, Sports Illustrated and NBC Sports Washington.

Her career has taken her everywhere from Havana, Cuba to Wimbledon, England and she's had the opportunity to interview icons such as Pele and Billie Jean King.

She also had the opportunity to cover Super Bowl XLVIII in New York and the All-Star Game at Citi Field during her time as the Sports Director for Verizon FiOS 1.

A former college athlete, Jennifer received her B.S. in Political Science from Trinity College and her Masters in Interactive Communications from Quinnipiac University.

When Jennifer is not mourning the loss of her beloved Hartford Whalers, you can find her running or checking out a new restaurant. She also volunteers at and works to promote the game of tennis in underserved communities.

She currently resides in Port Chester, New York.

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