Vandalism in NYC: Timeline of pro-Palestinian, anti-Jewish crimes as Israel war fuels tensions

Since the Israel-Hamas war broke out, vandalism has increased in New York City.

The NYPD and other local authorities have reported some crimes involving pro-Palestinian graffiti and others involving hateful messages against Jews and Muslims.

Recently, high-profile cases have included defacing cultural landmarks, public buildings, and private properties.

Here's a timeline of vandalism across New York City: 

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October 18: Iconic NYC Jewish deli vandalized with swastika after voicing support for Israel

An iconic New York City Jewish deli that has publicized its support for Israel following the recent attacks from Hamas was vandalized with a swastika.

The vandal targeted the Upper East Side location of 2nd Ave Deli, located on the corner of 1st Avenue and 75th Street.

2nd Ave Deli, which also runs a location in Midtown and bar on its second floor, traces its roots back to 1954, serving matzo ball soup, pastrami sandwiches and other traditional Jewish fare to New Yorkers for decades, according to its website.

November 16: Woman vandalizes Israeli hostage posters right in front of captives' own family in New York City

Two Israeli men with family members who are believed to be held hostage by Hamas confronted antisemitic outrage in New York City in November when a woman ripped down posters of the kidnapped victims right in front of them. 

One witness called the outburst a sign of the attacker's "inhumanity."

The unidentified woman flippantly waved off the heartbroken Israelis as she scurried off down the street. 

November 18: New York City Jewish bakery vandalized with spray-painted graffiti: 'Free Gaza'

Graffiti reading "Free Gaza" is spray-painted on the front window of Breads Bakery in Midtown Manhattan, as pro-Palestinian protests could be seen throughout New York City on Friday. (Fox News Digital / Fox News) (FOX News)

A New York City Jewish bakery was vandalized in November, after someone spray-painted "Free Gaza" on the window, before smashing a window at a nearby bank.

The graffiti on the front window of Breads Bakery near Sixth Avenue and 49th Street appeared in bright-orange lettering.

Additional photos show a man sweeping up broken glass in front of the Simon & Schuster building, where another window, this time belonging to the First Republic Bank, appeared to have been smashed.

November 27: NY Public Library flagship vandalized during pro-Palestinian Thanksgiving protest

The New York Public Library's flagship location was vandalized during a pro-Palestinian protest on Thanksgiving, with the estimated cost of damages reportedly resulting in thousands of dollars.

Some of the demonstrators allegedly put blood-red handprints on the exterior of the iconic Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, commonly known as the Main Branch, in Midtown. Spray paint on the facade appears to read "Free Palestine."

March 18: NYC Israeli cafe vandalism prompts hate crime investigation: 'Cowardly act of anti-Semitism'

An Israeli café on Manhattan's Upper West Side was the target of vandals, who used red spray paint to scrawl "Free Gaza" and "form line here to support genocide" onto the property over the weekend of March 18.

New York City police opened a hate crime investigation into the incident at Effy's Cafe, a kosher eatery on West 96th Street near Columbus Avenue. Officers responded to the scene around 10:40 p.m. Sunday, March 17, and so far, no arrests have been made.

April 10: Center for Islamic Life at Rutgers vandalized during Eid

Authorities have launched an investigation after the Center for Islamic Life at Rutgers University's New Brunswick campus was vandalized during the Islamic holiday Eid.

Video posted by the Council on American–Islamic Relations shows what appears to be glass scattered across the floor throughout the center on College Avenue. A television and artwork appear to be damaged.

The video also claims that a Palestinian flag was "ripped from its pole."

May 9: Teen arrested for vandalizing WWI memorial

Police arrested a 16-year-old for vandalizing a World War I monument in Central Park.

"Gaza" and the phrase "Free Palestine" were spray-painted on the 107th Infantry Memorial located at 5th Avenue and East 67th Street during a pro-Palestinian march on May 6.

An American flag was also burned during the incident.

The teen is facing two felony counts of third-degree criminal mischief, and two counts of making graffiti, a misdemeanor. 

May 16: Upper East Side kosher restaurant vandalized

Rothschild TLV restaurant was bustling with business the night of May 16 in NYC, despite what happened just before daybreak.

The Jewish-owned restaurant on the Upper East Side was vandalized overnight around 2:10 a.m., according to its owner, Mike Kalbo.

The act was caught on the restaurant’s surveillance cameras, where you see the man break the glass – hitting it with some sort of heavy object – causing about $500 worth of damage and shattered glass.

The restaurant's owner has his own ideas about what could’ve been behind the vandalism, saying he was a target – "because it's a kosher restaurant."

June 12: Demonstrators smear red paint on Upper East Side building, flee in U-Haul

A group of demonstrators allegedly threw red paint on an Upper East Side building on Wednesday morning, according to police. 

Police said the group of 15 people vandalized the front entrance of a building on 115 East 65th, which is the Permanent Observer Mission of the State of Palestine to the United Nations. 

Police say the group took off in a U-Haul truck and fled the scene. 

The group has not been identified, and a motive has not been determined. 

The investigation remains ongoing. 

Brooklyn museum Jewish director, board members' homes vandalized

New York City Comptroller Brad Lander posted photos on X that vandals defaced the homes of the Jewish director and several Jewish board members of the Brooklyn Museum Tuesday night. 

"The cowards who did this are way over the line into antisemitism, harming the cause they claim to care about, and making everyone less safe," he wrote.

German Consulate vandalized

The German Consulate on the East Side was vandalized Wednesday morning, police said.

Four people defaced the front of a building with paint and posters around 3:30 a.m.

Police said no injuries have been reported.

FOX Digital and the Associated Press contributed to this report.