NY Times accused of making Wordle too hard, again

This story contains a spoiler alert for the Tuesday, March 1, 2022 Wordle game.

The NY Times is facing more criticism that it is making its Internet game, Wordle, too hard.

For anyone wanting to play the game where the user gets six guesses to come up with the five-letter secret word of the day in as few turns as possible, a spoiler alert is coming up.

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What is today's Wordle word?

Tuesday's word is RUPEE and fans of the wildly popular game are letting the site have it on Twitter.

Many are saying the word is not commonly used by Americans.

Rupee is the currency of India and several other Asian nations.

How do you play Wordle?

"It's Rupee.  The currency of India and therefore not a word a lot of people especially us US residents know of. Also because the NYT bought wordle people blame them every time it's hard." - @YourMainManMax


"I couldn’t figure that out for all the money in India." - @Shaun_IF

"So difficult. It was a last minute guess after spending far to much time on it." -@KevinWhelan8

Wordle: NYTimes removes offensive, obscure terms

In February after Wordle was acquired by the NY Times for an undisclosed amount from Brooklyn software engineer Josh Wardle, users complained about some words like "ULCER," "ALOFT," and "CYNIC."

But Jordan Cohen, New York Times communications director, said in an email that "no changes have been made to the gameplay itself," something the newspaper previously promised in January during news of the sale.

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