'Dads of TikTok' sharing advice, life lessons

Teens are the only ones becoming superstars on TikTok, dads are getting into the influencer game too, gaining thousands of followers for their videos sharing helpful parenting tips and advice.

CEOs of Facebook, Twitter, Google face new grilling by Congress

As malicious conspiracy theories continue to spread, lawmakers are pounding the social media companies over their market dominance, harvesting of user data and practices that some believe actually encourage the spread of engaging but potentially harmful misinformation.

NYC apartment hunting through TikTok

Real estate broker Alexander Zahkarin, who has more than 78,000 followers on TikTok, says the platform is a great way to showcase his listings.

Vaccine rollout breeds mixed emotions, including guilt and envy

As the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines widens in the U.S., varying eligibility rules and unequal access to the doses are sometimes breeding feelings of guilt, envy and judgment, particularly when the seemingly young and healthy are sharing that they got their shots.