MTA fare hikes in effect on tunnels, bridges. How much will tolls increase?

The MTA has approved a fare hike for tunnels and bridges.

Drivers will see the increase starting Monday, but for some, it's just another thing added to the long list of New York expenses.

How much will tolls increase?

  • New York E-ZPass is going up 6% to $6.94.
  • Non E-ZPass users will pay $11.19, a 10% increase.
  • New Jersey and other E-ZPass holders will be billed at the cash rate.

The existing toll discount program for the Rockaways Broad Channel and Staten Island residents using the Verrazano Bridge will remain in effect.

But for Uber and Lyft drivers, many of whom cross the MTA bridges and tunnels multiple times a day, the hike adds up.

"People think we make a lot of money, but it's not enough," one ride-share driver told FOX 5 NY. "Food, rent, everything is so expensive."

The MTA board adopted the toll increase last month on subway and buses.

The hikes were originally set to go into effect in 2021, but were delayed due to the pandemic

Altogether, the rate increases are expected to generate upwards of $100 million this year.