Police arrest man accused of attempted rape on moving subway train

A man accused of attempting to rape a woman last week on a moving subway train in Lower Manhattan after the New York City Police Department says he removed his pants and underwear before getting on top of the woman has been arrested.

Police say Chris Tapia, 32, of Staten Island, faces charges of attempted rape, sexual abuse, forcible touching and public lewdness.

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Police say the 24-year-old female was on a moving northbound '4' train last Thursday around 11:25 p.m. when Tapia sat next to her. He then removed his pants and underwear, and forcibly laid on top of the woman, the NYPD says. 

He touched the victim, but was unsuccessful in attempting to pull her skirt down, police say. The woman was able to safely get to another train car. Tapia got off at the Bowling Green subway station in the Financial District of Manhattan, where he boarded a ferry to Staten Island, the police say.