Finding new homes for the pets left behind by COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has claimed over 130,000 lives in the United States and affected millions of others. However, it has also affected the lives of our pets, many of whom are suddenly without a home after their owners died from COVID-19.

Penny and Lacy are just two of the five dogs that Robyn Urman, the founder of Pet Resq, Inc. in New Jersey took in after their owners passed away and no other family members wanted them.

“The ones I got were with older people who were used to having mommies and daddies 24/7, it breaks my heart,” Urman said.

Meanwhile, the Animal Care Centers of New York City is doing its part to make sure all animals who have lost their owners to COVID-19 are being taken care of.

“We’ve taken into our shelter about 80 animals from suspect COVID-19 positive homes,” said Robin Brennen, Vice President of Animal Health and Welfare at the ACC.

Brennen and her team of animal rescue specialists are working with the Animal Planning Task Force to help pet owners affected by the coronavirus, whether it is because of medical or economic reasons.

In April, the task force set up a hotline for pet owners having difficulty caring for their pets due to the coronavirus and will go to homes to retrieve any animals in need, using the required PPE to do so.

If the pet owner is expected to recover but needs time to do so, the ACC has partnered with boarding facilities across the city to keep animals there until their owners are able to care for their furry friend once again. If the owner passes away and no other family member can take in the animal, the ACC will shelter them for a period of time before they are able to find a new family.


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