Weather Forecast

Expect a damp and drizzly remainder of your Wednesday, says Raegan Medgie.

Coastal storm risk management study halted

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has halted a study it was spearheading about how to protect the New York-New Jersey area from hurricanes and rising sea levels. The Corps said that funding for the study was pulled. A draft of a report from the Corps was expected this summer. Reported by Arthur Chi'en

Hoboken park will double as storm water reservoir

Hoboken, one of the areas in New Jersey hit hardest by Superstorm Sandy, is making progress toward completing a large public park that will double as a reservoir for nearly 2 million gallons of storm water to prevent it from flooding city streets.

Weather Forecast

We have a few clouds around the Tristate today, but for the most part, we will see plenty of sun today. Temperatures are colder this morning than we've seen so far for most of this winter. It will be breezy and chilly today with wind chills ranging between 20-30 degrees.