FBI, Homeland Security issue terror alert ahead of NYC Pride 2024

Ahead of NYC Pride 2024 in June, the FBI has issued an alert, warning of foreign terrorist organizations and bad actors that are looking to target events during the celebration.

The alert mentions ISIS or the Islamic State, a terrorist group that is still active and believed to be responsible for the terror attack in Moscow in March that left over 100 people dead. 

The FBI's office in Miami posted a warning to X, the site formerly known as Twitter, to "bring awareness to potential threats to events and venues during Pride Month."

"Disappointing, disconcerting, and sadly not new.  We get threats annually.  We get threats throughout the year," said Sandra Perez, the Executive Director of NYC Pride.

New York City's annual Pride march draws around 50,000 marchers yearly, and the monthlong event draws as many as two million people to the city. 

Now, the FBI and Homeland Security warn that terrorist organizations like ISIS and their supporters could try and attack events.

June is also the 8th anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub mass shooting in Orlando that killed 49 people, which the Islamic State claimed responsibility for after the attack.

"I think this comes at a time when concerns by the FBI and Homeland Security about our borders being very porous is that we have outside influencers.  ISIS, ISIS-K who have been using their old tactics of trying to get individuals to commit acts here in the homeland," said former FBI investigator and international security expert Bill Daly.

According to Perez, NYC Pride works closely with law enforcement and says there are no plans to cancel or alter any Pride events next month.

"This is a time not only for the LGBTQ community to come out and show their pride, but I think it's really, really important for allies to show up as well," said Perez.