Robotic suits that change lives

Steven Sanchez grew up just outside of San Francisco. One summer day before his senior year of high school, everything changed. During a BMX bike jump, Steve landed on his back and broke his spine, making him a paraplegic at 17. 

What is Web 3.0? | The Big Idea

In the Web 3.0 future, millions (perhaps billions) of personal computers around the world combine to create blockchain networks that allow us to move information — pictures, videos, stocks, bonds, titles, songs, etc. — free from the control of any central authority.

The quantum internet | The Big Idea

The foundation for the nation's quantum internet infrastructure (and what could one day become an unhackable internet) is located on Long Island.

School serves students' emotional needs with the help of animals | The Big Idea

The lesson plan for Emma Volper, a 10th grader at Green Chimneys in Brewster, New York, includes mindfulness. As part of her education plan, she spends several hours a week practicing focus and being in the moment with the help of counselors and some less traditional therapists, of sorts. In this case, Zipper, a Norwegian fjord horse.

How an AI can be your online dating coach and help you find love | The Big Idea

Dating these days isn't easy, so many people seeing love or companionship turn to dating apps, which don't always make things easier. Searching through profiles, they swipe left or right, sometimes in vain. So what if you had some help? The online dating sector is turning to artificial intelligence—programming computers to think and make decisions just like humans.

Lab-produced protein could solve world hunger

Mildred Vargas enjoys a hot meal at the non-profit soup kitchen Neighbors Together.  The agency serves the needy who live in Ocean Hill, Brownsville and Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

Taryn Southern's artificial intelligence-produced music

A singer and YouTube creator is making music history. Taryn Southern's video for the song "Break Free" has racked up more than 2 million views. She used artificial intelligence software to co-write and co-produce the song, which features passionate vocals and a pulsating beat.