Taryn Southern's artificial intelligence-produced music

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A singer and YouTube creator is making music history. Taryn Southern's video for the song "Break Free" has racked up more than 2 million views. She used artificial intelligence software to co-write and co-produce the song, which features passionate vocals and a pulsating beat.

"What made Break Free unique was that it was, at least in my knowledge, the first song that not only has been composed with AI but produced using AI software," Southern says.

She says when you are working with an algorithm you have no idea what to expect.  She says that sometimes there is an element of surprise and sometimes that surprise ends up being really good.

"AI is making choices around instrumentation and the length of time it is holding out a note, like all of those little things that you might have a producer make choices around, Southern says."

So why stop at one song?

"I thought this was a fun challenge," Southern says.  "I'll make a whole album."

So she just released what is said to be the first album co-written and co-produced by artificial intelligence. That album is called I Am AI.

To make the album, Taryn used AI software from Amper, IBM, and Google.

It is a dramatic change in the production process but the question is whether that is good or bad for creativity.

"I would argue that change is positive because you are able to do the same about of work more quickly," Drew Silverstein, CEO and founder of Amper Music says.

He says it is similar to when music changed from analog to digital.  He says it expanded creativity for the artist.