How an AI can be your online dating coach and help you find love | The Big Idea

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Dating these days isn't easy, so many people seeing love or companionship turn to dating apps, which don't always make things easier. Searching through profiles, they swipe left or right, sometimes in vain. So what if you had some help? The online dating sector is turning to artificial intelligence—programming computers to think and make decisions just like humans. Managing Editor Brittany Levine Beckman said that many people are jaded and frustrated with using online dating because many users aren't honest about who they are or what they want. in the United Kingdom launched Lara, an artificial intelligence dating coach available on Google Home smart speakers and some Android devices. You ask Lara for a match and can then ask for suggestions on what to say to or do with the person you're matched with, said Beckman, who helped produce Mashable's Love App-tually series.

Dating app companies are trying to figure out how to satisfy their users, which is why they are trying AI.

"There will be plenty of people that find it creepy and won't use it," Beckman said. "The future holds more people on dating apps."

Kevin Teman, the founder of AIMM, a voice-activated dating app, said that online dating is here to stay.

"That's one of the reasons that dating apps have become so lackadaisical in their efforts because there is so much demand," Teman said.

AIMM launched last year and is being tested in Denver with about a thousand users.

"You will be talking to an AI voice mixed with a human representation," Teman said. "So there's a human also talking with you as well."

AIMM sets up your dates, preps you before the first date, gives you advice, and checks in with both people to see how it went. And it even recommends whether you should continue to date or move on to someone else.

Experts believe this is the future. So you will be seeing a lot more artificial intelligence in matchmaking.