Amazon workers go on strike on Black Friday

Union representative Orhan Akman said Amazon staff want to send a signal that their work can’t be bought with the kind of extreme discounts Amazon offers around this time of the year.

Amazon, Walmart others under gun for 1-day delivery

This year, holiday stress may take on a whole new meaning for online retailers. Amazon, Walmart and others have promised to deliver more of their orders within 24 hours of customers clicking on “Buy.”

Amazon workers describe brutal work conditions

Workers at a Staten Island Amazon fulfillment center claim they are working in brutal conditions that are more dangerous than coal mines and expected to do work at rates design for robots and not humans.

Amazon pulls skin-lightening products off site

Amazon has pulled more than a dozen skin-lightening products with dangerous mercury levels off its website after pushback from Minnesota public-health and environmental activists

Amazon shipping strategy

Amazon, which is racing to deliver packages faster, is turning to its employees with a proposition: Quit your job and we'll help you start a business delivering Amazon packages.

Amazon workers listening?

Alexa is like having your own personal assistant that never asks for a raise. The problem is she’s always listening — and so are thousands of Amazon workers, according to a report.

Amazon fallout

Amazon announced it was dumping a plan to build a campus in Queens because of opposition from local activists and officials, such as freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who called the deal's collapse a sign that "Americans still have the power to organize and fight for their communities."

Dumped Amazon deal and mass transit

Amazon decided to dump its plans to build its second headquarters in Long Island City. While the deal never promised Amazon would fork over funding to repair the ailing transit system, revenue might have been used to make improvements.

Amazon dumps NYC

Amazon will not build a new headquarters in New York City, a stunning reversal to an ambitious plan that would have brought an estimated 25,000 jobs to the city. Along with the jobs, the company had planned to spend $2.5 billion to build the new offices in Queens.

Amazon deal debate

The Amazon deal is facing staunch opposition from some Democrats in the New York City Council and the state Senate, who say too much was given away to one of the world's richest companies. Mayor de Blasio and Governor Cuomo are defending the deal.