Why you should re-read your favorite books

After reading a good book, it’s not often you find yourself picking it up again, but pulling out an old favorite from that dusty bookshelf could be fulfilling in more ways than one.

Horses for heroes

Amy McCambridge-Steppe and her husband Mark Steppe, both veterans, founded the Unbridled Heroes Project. Last year, they rescued four wild mustangs from government round-ups in Nevada and Wyoming and brought the horses to New Jersey.

Weinstein in court

Harvey Weinstein appeared to struggle while walking into and out of court for a pretrial hearing. The prosecutor alleged that Weinstein messed with his electronic ankle monitor. But his lawyer blamed technical glitches.

Children and myopia

An estimated 40% of the children around the world suffer from myopia, or nearsightedness, and the possible reason is pretty eye-opening.