Shooting kills 2 officers before Hawaii homes catch fire

A Hawaii man with a history of run-ins with police and neighbors was facing eviction when he stabbed his landlord and killed two officers before the house he and two women were believed to be in burned, authorities and neighbors said Sunday.

Snowstorm hammers Newfoundland, Canada

Snow plow crews worked into the hours of darkness on January 18 to clear snow from residential streets in St John, Newfoundland, after a massive blizzard struck the area. Credit: @nanlover709 via Storyful

New app teaches kids how to become financially successful

A new app called BusyKid is teaching kids how to become financially literate and successful. The app allows children, with their parent’s oversight, to buy fractional amounts of a share of a stock and also teaches children about donating to charities and saving. Children earn money by doing chores at home like getting the mail, helping someone or babysitting a sibling, and they receive a paycheck every two weeks.

Bronx boxing ring collects donations for Puerto Rico following recent earthquakes

On a regular day, Ponce Laspina, the man who runs El Maestro Boxing Ring is teaching kids that they can make positive change and are valuable to their community. Now he’s practicing what he preaches, coordinating donations that, next weekend, will fill a 40-foot shipping container headed to Puerto Rico to help the victims of the recent earthquakes.