Protecting mass transit

Mayor Eric Adams is vowing to take action to curb violence in the city's subway system. He said his administration is talking to the MTA and the Port Authority about ways to detect weapons.

NYC subway fatal shooting

On Sunday, a man shot and killed another passenger on a subway train crossing the Manhattan Bridge. The gunman was pacing the last car of the train and suddenly pulled out a gun and shot Daniel Enriquez seemingly at random, police said.

Fatal crash on Long Island

Police arrested Dante Lennon, of Freeport, who was behind the wheel of a Mercedes that broadsided a Lincoln, killing three people in New Hyde Park on Saturday night.

Fatal car crash on Long Island

Surveillance video captured the moments leading up to a vehicle crash late Saturday night that killed three women who had just left a relative's Sweet 16 celebration.

Depp v. Heard trial

Amber Heard's legal team was planning to call Johnny Depp back to the witness stand on Monday but backtracked and decided not call him after all.

Last NYC public payphones removed

The final New York City public pay telephone bank was removed on Monday morning. The kiosk, which housed two phones, was on 7th Avenue and 50th Street in Midtown Manhattan. The city began removing payphones in 2015 and replacing them with public Wi-Fi hotspots. The removal marks the end of the payphone era in the city except for some private payphones on public property and four permanent full-length so-called Superman booths.

NYC subway shooting

The NYPD has released security camera images of the person they believe shot and killed a man in a subway car on Sunday.