As COVID-19 cases surge, tips to salvage some fun this summer

As the number of coronavirus cases continue to surge across the nation, some might consider it a lost summer. But others are simply trying to make the best of it. FOX 5 NY spoke to two experts about how you can still celebrate the upcoming holiday and enjoy the summer, even if it's in a non-traditional way.

Facebook to pay moderators $52 million for psychological damages

In a 2018 lawsuit, third-party contractors for Facebook said that the social media giant failed to properly protect them against severe psychological and other injuries that can result from repeated exposure to graphic material such as child sexual abuse, beheadings, terrorism, animal cruelty and other disturbing images.

Amid coronavirus news, many need to step away

A steady diet of stressful news from the coronavirus pandemic is stressing many people out. They're feeling upset, anxious and need to get away. A poll shows that while nearly 9 in 10 Americans are following pandemic news either very or fairly closely, most people say they need to take breaks.