What you need to know about COVID-safe activities with your kids

As nicer weather approaches, parents who are fully vaccinated are asking themselves, what safe activities can I do with my unvaccinated child?

"Outdoor things is where is going to be at," says Dr. James Conway, Pediatric Infectious Disease specialist at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health.

Dr. Conway says it is still too soon to do indoor playdates with other children, especially if they are not in your bubble.

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"The problem is we are starting to recognize that kids can transmit and with these more transmissible variants that are round we are starting to see kid-related outbreaks and so unfortunately the best thing parents can do is make sure that they are vaccinated and every other adult in their circle are vaccinated," says Dr. Conway.

Lyss Stern, entrepreneur, author, and mother of three says she is not ready for indoor playdates. She got COVID last year, and even though she and her husband have already been vaccinated, they are not taking any chances with their children.

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"Most of my daughter's playdates happen outside and they happen within her pod of friends, so we know who those friends are, who the parents are, and where they’ve been," said Stern.

According to Dr. Conway, children ages 12-15 years old should most likely be able to receive the vaccine mid-summer. Until then he recommends parks, the zoo, and outdoor pools. What he is not recommending parents to do right now is get on an airplane with a child who has not yet been vaccinated.