Tom Suozzi makes political revival in America's first suburb

Former Congressman Tom Suozzi is now officially the Democratic candidate for New York’s 3rd congressional district. 

He held his first press conference in Levittown, on Long Island which is considered the first suburb in America.

Suozzi looks to reclaim his house seat as former congressman George Santos was expelled and was nominated for the special election to complete the remainder of Santos' term.

(L-R) U.S. Rep. Tom Suozzi (D-NY), Public Advocate Jumaane Williams and Gov. Kathy Hochul debate in the race for governor (Photo by Craig Ruttle-Pool/Getty Images)

After two failed runs for governor, Suozzi thought his political career was done.

"And then George Santos became the biggest story in the country and, for the first time, people are calling me up instead of me fighting with everybody," Suozzi said. "They’re saying,

‘Please run, please run!’ So I’m back in this job and this is a job that I’m sticking in."

He knocked one some doors in the neighborhood and spoke to the working class on the migrant crisis, climate change, and home affordability.

"Too many people in my district here on Long Island, too many people in northeast Queens are concerned that the American Dream isn't real for them," he added.

The republicans will announce their pick next week and have interviewed more than 20 candidates.

Syosset, N.Y.: Congressman Tom Suozzi (D-NY) talks about the relocation of over 2,000 unaccompanied minors flown to Long Island from Texas, during a press conference outside the facility of MercyFirst in Syosset, New York, on October 19, 2021. (Photo

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In response to Suozzi’s announcement, the Nassau County Republican Committee said in a statement:

"It’s official, the Congressman who abandoned his House of Representative’s seat to George Santos is eager to be back on the public payroll. What’s more, Tom Suozzi is ready to do the

bidding for extremist politicians, including Governor Kathy Hochul, Joe Biden, AOC and The Squad.  He’s already scampered up to Albany, begging the Governor for the Democrat

nomination, agreeing to the Governor’s demands on what to do and how to vote.  Clearly out-of-step with the district, Tom Suozzi has asked to be a member of The Squad, a request to

which AOC gushed, ‘you’re in.’  Neighbors can only imagine how he will respond to President Biden’s demands. Tom Suozzi has levied double-digit tax hikes on homeowners, supported

‘Sanctuary City’ policies, and taken soft-on-crime positions.  Neighbors have had enough of Tom Suozzi’s extreme politics, which are out-of-touch with hard-working residents of Long

Island’s 3rd Congressional District."  


Who will replace George Santos?

The special election for New York’s 3rd Congressional district seat will be hotly contested, garner national attention and will likely turn out voters in large numbers.

Suozzi has been appealing to voters on both sides of the aisle.

"I have such trust and such faith in him, he's the only democrat I've ever voted for," said Tom Cavanaugh, a Suozzi supporter.
Chris Erikson is the business manager of Local 3 and a member of the union’s motorcycle club.

"The left – DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) – they're not going get it done," Erikson said. "The MAGA’s – not going to get it done. It's the moderate republicans, the moderate democrats in the middle."

Ken Gray is a Levittown resident.

"Although I'm not a democrat, that's okay," Gray said. "Doesn’t matter – republican, democrat -- as long as somebody’s fair honest and does a good job. I don't even know who the republican candidate is yet, but I would certainly give him [Suozzi] a consideration."

The special election is February 13th. If Suozzi wins, he says he will run again in November for a full term.