COVID summer surge? What the latest data is revealing about NY, NJ infections

The CDC is confirming a COVID surge is already underway in several states across the U.S. But does that include NY and NJ?

Worst states for COVID right now

Government data shows COVID infections are growing or likely growing in 44 states and territories, including New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. New York rates are still stable. 


Dr. Purvi Parikh is an immunologist at NYU Langone. She says part of the recent COVID surge has to do with new variants.

"They're labeled the FLiRT variants, and they come from like a sub lineage of the Omicron variant called J and .1, and these are kind of the dominant variants that are circulating, and they're believed to be more transmissible and they kind of evade the vaccines for milder infections," Dr. Parikh said.

Summer wave of COVID

The new variants, combined with the nature of the summer – it could be easy to understand how infections could be rising so fast. And don’t forget the extreme heat.

"With extreme heat and heat waves, people do spend more time indoors than they typically do in the summertime and more time indoors means increased transmission," Dr. Parikh said.

The CDC is recommending everyone who is 6 and older get the COVID booster because even if your COVID symptoms are mild, the infection you spread could be severe for some.

Symptoms of new COVID variant

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NJ COVID Dashboard

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