Pothole problems widespread across New York City

It's that time of year when the winter weather starts damaging the roads and we pay the price of hitting potholes.  

That couldn't be more true along a westbound stretch of the Grand Central Parkway in East Elmhurst, from La Guardia Airport to Exit 5.

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"I was coming on the Grand Central. I skipped one and fell into a bigger one and it popped," said Jessica Bermial, who blew out her front driver-side tire, trying to dodge what looks more like the surface of Mars than a highway.

FOX 5 shot video while driving on the GCP, the right and middle lanes hosting most of the craters.  Red Line Tires in Corona, Queens, has been quite busy.

"From the highway, I guess they hit potholes.  We do get quite a few this time of year," said Juan Arias, the manager at Red Line Tires.

The time of year, as in winter, accelerates pothole development.  The freeze-thaw cycle of water is truly to blame.

Another problem roadway is the 65th Street transverse in Manhattan.  It's one of the fastest ways to cross-town, and now, one of the bumpiest.

FOX 5 caught the New York City Department of Transportation in action Monday as they worked to fill in the gaps.  The DOT says they work to make repairs as quickly as they're notified, with the most dangerous potholes repaired first.

"I've heard cases where they do pay people back if you take pictures and what not, but I don't know how true that is," said one driver.

According to the DOT, drivers can get reimbursed for vehicle damage, only if the department has been made aware of the pothole and work hasn't yet started within 15 days of the notification.

Not surprising to hear, some say the process to get reimbursed isn't easy.

"They don't call you back.  What can you do, other than go straight to City Hall and knock on the door," said one man.