War on rats: NYC to require all businesses use trash bins in 2024

There’s a reason or few why millions are drawn to New York City. 

"I think I like the buzz of the place. Different people food, everything, it’s just got a different vibe," one tourist shared. 

But even after just days visiting from London, she can tell a way of living in the city needs some adjusting. 

"The trash on the street, it’s just smelly," the tourist observed. 


Newly-proposed solution to NYC's rat problem leaves restaurants concerned

A proposed rule to require businesses that create food waste to put their trash in bins is drawing concerns from the restaurant industry.

By now, we’ve seen the changes with managing New York City’s trash challenges. 

The crack down on the city’s rat problem months ago called for containerizing trash with food-related-businesses like restaurants, grocery stores, delis and bodegas. 

Mayor Adams suggested the change in the rules have yielded some positive results, a 20% decrease in rat complaints over the summer months. 

The driver of that progress – buy in from businesses like Gray’s Papaya, who have fully secured containers for their trash.

"As of March 1, 2024, we are requiring all businesses to put out their trash in containers. This is a huge deal. We’re talking about now 50% of our trash will be in containers in the city," Adams said during Tuesday’s press conference. 

Jose Fefeis takes out the trash every night at Buttercup Bake Shop on the Upper West Side

"It makes a lot of sense, the rats business is a big thing. They’re like everywhere it’s a big infestation," Fefeis said.

He automatically considers the cost, but understands the benefit. 

"It’ll also be an investment as we have to invest in getting those things," he told FOX 5 New York.  

Businesses, the mayor said, produce 20 million pounds of trash every day, accounting for half of the city’s waste, and in about six months, all of those black bags of waste – dumped on city streets for pickup – will be a thing of the past. 

It’s understood it’ll be a process getting businesses to follow Gray’s Papyas' lead, which is why they’re planning on not being heavy-handed when it comes to enforcement. It starts with a warning, and then citations will be issued starting in March 2024.