NYC schools getting more police after recent shootings

The NYPD is increasing police officers outside schools across New York City in the wake of several recent violent incidents near various school grounds. 

Just a few days ago, 2 students were shot and injured near the Grand Street Campus High School in Brooklyn, and gunshots were fired after another student brawl outside Williamsburg Charter High School on Wednesday. 

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In an internal NYPD memo obtained by FOX 5 NY, Jeffrey Maddrey, the Chief of Department, ordered that the number of Youth Coordination Officers be increased to six.

But some parents say they have been pleading with Mayor Eric Adams for over a year to add more police to the city's schools and say the current measures don't go far enough.

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"It's unfortunate that it took children being shot, children being stabbed, and children dying for him to take action," said Mona Davids of the NYC School Safety Coalition.

David says that she wants a unit of 200 officers that was disbanded in 2020 restored at bus stops and train stations near schools.