NYC congestion pricing toll plan moving forward

The MTA is moving forward with several projects, including the highly controversial Manhattan congestion pricing program. 

Federal regulators are expected to release a long-delayed environmental assessment of the congestion toll plan by the end of next month. The MTA will then begin holding public hearings.

MTA board members cited concerns that the agency could soon "go off a fiscal cliff" because overall ridership is at about 60% of pre-pandemic levels. Revenue from the congestion pricing tolls would help fund the agency's capital program.

If the federal government gives the MTA the final green light, congestion tolls would begin in late 2023 or early 2024.

Drivers entering Manhattan below 60th Street would be charged a toll electronically. The revenue, estimated at $1 billion annually, would be used to back borrowing for capital improvements to the MTA’s subway and bus systems.

Some lawmakers in New Jersey have said the plan is unfair because motorists already pay tolls at bridges and tunnels to enter New York, and the money from congestion pricing won't be used to improve public transit in New Jersey. Some motorists paying tolls to enter Manhattan from New Jersey are expected to receive discounts or be exempt.

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