Michelle Go murder: Subway safety concerns after shocking attack

The senseless, horrific killing of Michelle Go has left many New York City subway riders on edge. 

Even Mayor Eric Adams admitted on Tuesday that he does not feel safe riding the city's subways.

Wednesday was the first time in more than a year Brooklyn resident Elizabeth Barrett has taken the subway, and she admitted was nervous, saying "I'm just more hyper-aware. I stand in the middle of the platform and I kinda look out for people now and kinda just avoid people."

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Many straphangers are experiencing anxiety about traveling on the subway after a series of violent incidents over the last few months, with Go's murder being the most recent.  Go was killed Saturday after being pushed onto the subway tracks by a man at the Times Square station.  Police say the suspect was homeless and possibly mentally ill.

Bronx resident Rosie Fernandez told FOX 5 NY that the incident has made her nervous about getting on the train and Coney Island resident Hamza Kamran said that he "stands in the middle (of the platform) and I'm not using my phone."

Oscar Vera of Harlem says he's more alert but also ready to step-in if he sees something wrong, saying "as New Yorkers we gotta do more to protect each other."

Adams and Governor Kathy Hochul recently said more cops would be assigned to patrol the platforms and ride the trains.