Mayor Adams meets with officials, visits migrant shelters in Ecuador

Mayor Eric Adams is on the third day of his four-day trip to Latin American nations – and so far this trip has been split between dissuading migrants from moving to New York and boosting his own profile.

More than 120,000 migrants have passed through New York City since last spring straining the city’s resources– but when asked if he will be helping the Feds deport Venezuelans he said his hands are tied.

Mayor Eric Adams landed in Ecuador early Friday morning – marking the third day of his trip to Latin American nations.


New York City mayor heads to Latin America with message for asylum seekers: 'We are at capacity'

New York City Mayor Eric Adams says he's traveling to Latin America to discourage people from seeking asylum in the city as it struggles to handle a massive influx of migrants.

He spent the day touring migrant shelters and meeting with Ecuadorian officials.

His message to migrants traveling to the US? Don’t come to New York City.

Adams spent the previous two days in Mexico – speaking with Mexican officials and touring migrant shelters.

Also in Mexico at the same time were top White House officials – but Adams an outspoke critic of President Joe Biden’s handling of the migrant crisis - did not meet with them.


Adams to residents of Puebla, Mexico: 'Mi casa es su casa,' but 'there's no more room'

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is in Puebla, Mexico, thanking migrants for their contributions to his city, but telling them it is already full.

But from Mexico – these Federal officials announced that they will resume deporting Venezuelan migrants who crossed illegally.

Adams was asked if he will cooperate with ICE but says his hands our tied since New York is a sanctuary city.

The federal government also announcing on Thursday that they will now be continuing to build out the border wall in Texas, saying that this funding was approved in 2019, and they can’t redirect that money.

Adams said that he respects this decision but emphasized that this is not the only thing the feds should be doing to slow the tide of migrants into New York.

Adams has been calling on Biden for months to come up with a decompression strategy.