‘Look at them all!’: Video shows thousands of spiders covering homes in Australia amid severe rains, floods

When Australia’s most populous state of New South Wales was hit with devastating floods, an unforeseen side effect kicked in - hordes of spiders seeking shelter on higher gound in people's homes.

One video posted on social media by Melanie Williams showed hundreds of spiders crawling all over her neighbor’s garage before she received an evacuation order from flooding on early Saturday.

"Look at them all," Williams cries in shock.

"Check these spiders out, oh my god," Williams said in the video.

Another video posted by Matthew Lovenfosse captures the arachnids climbing over one another as they scuttle to higher ground.

The New South Wales State Emergency Services responded to 640 calls for help on Saturday night, including 66 for flood rescues following devastating flooding in the area. 

Evacuation orders were issued at multiple locations on the Mid North Coast in the northeast area of the state, which Berejiklian said was experiencing a once-in-a-100-year event, and "whilst we don’t think things will worsen on the Mid North Coast, definitely conditions will continue, so the rainfall will continue across the parts that have already been affected."

In a separate video shared by New South Wales State Emergency Services, rescue crews saved 20 dogs from a flooded property in Western Sydney, Australia on March 22.

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The video showed state emergency workers getting lifeboats and cages ready to ferry more than a dozen dogs to safety as floodwaters continue to linger after excessive rainfall.

Across New South Wales state, 15,000 people were nervously waiting on Tuesday for potential orders to evacuate.

Some 18,000 residents of Australia’s most populous state have fled their homes since last week, with warnings the cleanup could stretch into April.

This story was reported from Los Angeles. Catherine Park and Storyful contributed.