Pro-Palestinian protests continue at Fordham, NYU and Stony Brook

The NYPD made more arrests on Wednesday following pro-Palestinian demonstrations across NYC, including at the Lincoln Center campus of Fordham University, where police cleared an encampment.

Demonstrations were also heeded at NYU, as hundreds went to show their support for protesters who set up a solidarity encampment there last week. On Long Island, demonstrations were seen at Stony Brook University



NYC college protests: Map of local university Gaza demonstrations

It all started with Columbia University. Now, colleges throughout the NYC area and U.S. are grappling with pro-Palestinian protests and encampments. Here's a map of those schools.

Former president Trump commends NYPD

(May 2: 11 a.m.)

Former President Donald Trump commended police who cleared pro-Palestinian protesters from college campuses as he arrived in court Thursday morning for another day of his criminal hush money trial, the Associated Press reported.

"It’s a shame. I’m so proud of the New York’s finest. They’re great," Trump told reporters after police cleared demonstrators who had taken over an academic building at Columbia University.

FOX 5 NY's Michael Stallone

15 arrested at Fordham University

(May 2: 8 a.m.)

The NYPD cleared an encampment on Fordham University's Lincoln Center campus on Wednesday, making 15 arrests.

Protesters had set up tents inside the Leon Loewenstein Center to show solidarity with students at Columbia University and the City College of New York.

Fordham President Tania Tetlow sent out a letter to the college community, saying: "We draw the line at intrusions into a classroom building, especially by people who are not members of our community."

Tetlow's letter said the decision to involve the NYPD was to protect the campus and that "Fordham students have a right to feel safe and to finish their exams. Period."

FOX 5 NY's Michael Stallone

Students refuse to take down tents at NYU

(May 2: 8 a.m.)

Students at New York University have refused to take down the tents, even though the school has threatened disciplinary action. 

Over the weekend, NYU officials gave student protesters an ultimatum: take down tent city or face "conduct charges." However, the encampment is still standing. So far, the school has not given the NYPD authorization to take it down or make arrests. 

Across the street, counter-protesters were seen chanting and waving Israeli flags.

FOX 5 NY's Michael Stallone

Dozens arrested at Stony Brook University

(May 2: 8 a.m.)

Demonstrations were also seen at Long Island’s Stony Brook University. 

In a statement, Stony Brook University officials said, in part, "This morning at approximately 12:15 am, 29 people were arrested including students, faculty members and others from outside our campus community for violating various legal statutes and university policies."

The statement continued to say: "Protests and demonstrations cannot be allowed to disrupt the academic environment, create safety issues, or violate long-standing university guidelines regarding time, place and manner."

FOX 5 NY's Michael Stallone