15 arrested as NYPD clears encampments at Fordham University

The NYPD cleared an encampment on Fordham University's Lincoln Center campus on Wednesday, making 15 arrests.

Protesters had set up tents inside the Leon Loewenstein Center to show solidarity with students at Columbia and City College. 

Fordham President Tania Tetlow sent out a letter to the college community, saying: "We draw the line at intrusions into a classroom building, especially by people who are not members of our community."

Tetlow's letter said that the decision to involve the NYPD was to protect the campus and that "Fordham students have a right to feel safe and to finish their exams. Period."

This comes after nearly 300 people have been arrested at Columbia College and CCNY.

Hundreds arrested between protests

NYPD Chief of Patrol John Chell says 282 people were arrested last night. Of those, 109 came from Columbia.

According to police, they will have a breakdown of how many were students, how many were affiliated with the schools and how many were not affiliated with the schools later today.

What's happening at Columbia University?

Protesters first set up a tent encampment almost two weeks ago. The school sent in police to clear the tents the following day, arresting more than 100 people, only for the students to return.

Negotiations between the protesters and the college came to a standstill in recent days, and the school set a deadline for the activists to abandon the tent encampment Monday afternoon or be suspended.

Instead, protesters defied the ultimatum and took over Hamilton Hall early Tuesday, carrying in furniture and metal barricades.

The Associated Press wire services helped contribute to this report.