Higher-quality diets for dogs

Most dogs are content eating any snacks or scraps they find in their food bowls but the COVID-19 pandemic has drawn humans and their four-legged companions to designer diets.

Sophia Angelakis, who owns The Pet Market on Manhattan's Upper West Side, says upgrading your dog's dinner plate won't necessarily cost you a fortune.

"Some of the lower-end foods are bigger companies. They spend their money on advertisements," Angelakis said. "That's the thing — smaller companies, they put all of their profits into the food."

She told FOX 5 NY that the pandemic also gave pet owners more time to learn about nutrition and research the ingredients. High-quality dog food is usually frozen or freeze-dried. You can also look for kibble that has been oven-cooked at lower temperatures.

Angelakis recommends products with omega-3 fatty acids to fight allergies and probiotics to help improve digestion.

Kari Schaefer, who owns Long Island Barkuterie, is serving up her own healthy charcuterie boards for pets.

"It includes homemade sweet potato chews, homemade peanut butter biscuits, greek yogurt icing, frosting, homemade pumpkin biscuits, fresh fruits and vegetables, dental chews, dog treats, chicken jerky, and organic peanut butter," she said.

What started as a hobby has now flourished into an entire business because the demand has grown so high, Schaefer said.  

You can visit your local pet store to stock up on healthy eats or visit LIbarkuterie.com to place an online order, which can be delivered directly to your home.

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