Gay couple attacked in Times Square says they were targeted

It was less than a week ago in Times Square when a gay couple say they were attacked by strangers.

Fox 5 News agreed to conceal their identities because they fear retaliation. 

They say on Saturday, April 8th just before 10:30 p.m. they were walking leisurely when strangers zeroed in on them.

"You need to move," one man described how it started, and how it escalated, "They were pushing us," he said

They say the strangers used profanity and commented on their sexual orientation, "while they were beating us," one man said.

They were both injured and sent to Mount Sinai hospital. 

Now they’re recovering. One of them had to have surgery after his jaw was fractured he told Fox 5 News.

The NYPD confirms the assault happened and the investigation is ongoing. 

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In a statement to Fox News an NYPD spokesperson said: "The subject fled the location to parts unknown.  The victims were transported to Mount Sinai Hospital in stable condition.  There are no arrests and the investigation remains ongoing."

We asked the NYPD if this will be investigated as a hate crime, and we were told that will be determined as the investigation progresses.