Photo of Starbucks cup showing very complicated order goes viral

Ordering your morning cup of joe isn't always simple. As a coffee barista, dealing with complicated or difficult orders is probably the toughest part of the job.

"Certain customers can be a little difficult," said Conor Cullen, a barista at Slave to the Grind Coffee House in Bronxville.

A photo posted on social media by a Starbucks barista went viral because it showed multiple changes to ingredients as well as substitutions on a drink order. The barista joked that he wanted to quit his job after the debacle.

Conor said he hasn't seen anything quite like that now-infamous Starbucks order but even if he did, he said he'd just go with it. He said he considers himself to be a patient barista.

Here's some advice the next time you go to your local coffee shop. Think about your order in advance and try not to be indecisive. Also, if you have some substitutions, limit them to one of two. But with so many flavors, it's understandably easier said than done.

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