Starbucks needle-disposal boxes

You may soon see needle-disposal boxes in your favorite Starbucks. The company announced this as a safety measure for its employees. The needle disposal boxes will be located in some Starbucks bathrooms in select markets. That decision will be made on a store-by-store basis.

Starbucks anti-bias training

One right after the other, would-be patrons of a Starbucks in Astor Place in Manhattan came face-to-face with a locked door. Some were disappointed that they couldn't get their afternoon caffeine fix. The coffee giant decided to shut down all 8,000 stores nationwide on Tuesday afternoon for mandatory anti-bias training. It was an attempt to restore its reputation after the arrest of two black men in a Philadelphia store in April.

Megpies: From Brooklyn stoop to national chains

A Brooklyn couple is turning their passion for baked goods into a big business, literally taking their tarts from the stoop to Starbucks. They're called Megpies, and if ever there was a brand that proves all you need is a delicious idea and some hard work, this is it.