Dog owner heartbroken as police search for stolen pet

A cute little dog was left outside of a store for only 5 minutes when he was stolen. The owner of the store says in his 10 years at the location, nothing like this has ever happened before

7 year old Suki is so loved by her owner. She even has her own Instagram.

”I thought it was a bad dream I thought. It’s maybe it is a family member” Guadalupe Garcia told us.

The Pomeranian was stolen while tied outside the Kim Millennium grocery store in Williamsburg early Sunday morning.

No pets are allowed inside. And seeing pets there is very common.

Guadalupe Garcia’s only consolation is that the entire incident was captured on several of the store's surveillance cameras..

It shows Guadalupe walking up to the store with her two friends and tying Suki to a railing outside the store around 3:30am.

About a minute later, the suspect's white Camry pulls up to the store.

The suspect, a woman wearing a reddish shirt, is seen buying flowers.

As she leaves the store, she pets Suki, walks away, then appears to hesitate..

She turns around, looks to see if anyone is watching, then takes off running with Suki under her arm.

“You come and buy flowers and then do that? What kind of person are you?” Garcia said.

It's a question police are also trying to answer

Meantime, Guadalupe is posting fliers and using social media to find Suki.

She also has this message for the woman who took him

“We just want Suki back, we want our family member back, we beg you” Garcia said.

Call police if you have any information or email