Students stabbed, slashed at 2 separate NYC schools within hours

Multiple students were stabbed and slashed on Tuesday afternoon at two different schools throughout NYC, the NYPD and sources said.

The attacks happened at schools in Manhattan and Queens.

SkyFOX was over Queens High School of Teaching, Liberal Arts and the Sciences

Sources originally told FOX 5 NY that a student was also slashed at Evander High School in the Bronx, but police said those reports were unfounded.

The Manhattan stabbing incident happened just before 1:30 p.m. at Grafix High School in Hell's Kitchen.

Sources told FOX 5 NY that this occurred when families were arriving for a junior ROTC ceremony. The school was on lockdown and families were kept outside while students were inside. 

"There were several students that were taking an AP test and the next thing you know, all we heard was just full on yelling in the hallways," a cadet said.

What began as an argument in the hallway of the Stephen Mather building of Arts and Craftsmanship High School turned violent when one student was slashed in the face and another was stabbed in the stomach. 

Both suffered minor injuries and are in custody, police said.

"I’m a little shaken up because its just like unexpected. I've never dealt with anything like this before, weird you know?" a woman said.

The incident sent shockwaves through not one, but four schools housed on the campus. All the schools went into lockdown as the situation unfolded.

"Today was my daughter's JRCT meeting show. They had an award today and guess what? I couldn't get in the building for three hours. Sad," a mother said. "We have Pre-K, high schools in there, eleventh grade, tenth grade, twelfth grade, and younger. The children are not safe."

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The school does not have metal detectors and it’s unclear if this type of violence is something students typically encounter. 

"Scary, stressful, and disappointed because nowadays teenagers act like they know everything," a mother said. "You know stabbing anybody, for no reason, that's very alarming."

The source told FOX 5 NY that another stabbing took place outside Queens High School of Teaching, Liberal Arts and the Sciences in Glen Oaks, Queens.

The source said the student, an 18-year-old, suffered injuries to his back and arm. 

Police are searching for a suspect in the Queens attack.

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