Concerns rise as NYC's air quality improves, but caution remains

Tracking the air quality on your phone has become a new trend, of sorts. Since the skies over NYC turned into a hazy orange earlier this month, most people claim to have become obsessed with what they’re breathing in. 

"I check every day because I’m a director of a school and my kids have to go outside and play, and sometimes we can’t go outside because of this weather."

The air quality is not nearly as bad as it was a few weeks ago. In fact, only high-risk populations will feel the effects. Weather experts say everyone should still be cautious.

Meanwhile, Summer Trails Day Camp in Somers is only 3 days into the camp season and camp counselors have already thought about taking precautions if the air quality continues to decrease.

The Westchester County Health Dept. says the air quality decreased to 101 on Wednesday. 

It’s expected to drop to as low as 130 Thursday. The National Weather Service has extended its air quality alert to 6 am Thursday.