Lawmakers demand end to phone dead zones along Palisades Parkway

Drivers taking the Palisades Parkway to Route 6 between Orange and Rockland Counties often find themselves unable to place mobile phone calls due to a lack of Verizon cell phone towers in the area, a fact that local officials say is dangerous and must change.

8 delicious cocktail recipes to inspire your holiday celebrations

Chances are that by now most of you have attended various holiday parties where you threw back some bottled suds, mediocre wine, and mixed drinks made from rail liquor and Coke. Well, if you're luckier than that, maybe your office sprung for top-shelf booze.

Jehovah's Witnesses world HQ

About 40 miles northwest of a bustling New York City, a 45-acre complex sits on a tranquil lake in Warwick, New York. The new world headquarters, which opened last year, is home to about 800 Jehovah's Witnesses, who are volunteers that live, eat, and work here. Brooklyn was their home base for more than 100 years; 60 of those years inside the iconic Watchtower building in Brooklyn Heights. When they came to Warwick to build, the group tried to impact the natural environment as little as possible.

10 cocktail recipes that will make you the star of a hot summer party

After publishing a guide to festive drinks in the winter, is back this summer with a sequel: refreshing cocktails to make and enjoy while soaking in the sun and the season's vibe. Better still, if you master a few of these drinks you can confidently share them with your friends at a summer get-together. They will be plenty impressed.