Holiday cookies by Stephanie Nass

People love to bake lots of sweets for the holidays. Stephanie Nass, a caterer and the founder of Chefanie, shows how to decorate and create beautiful and tasty holiday cookies. Check out her website

Thanksgiving meal hacks

The Scotto family shares hacks they use to get Thanksgiving dinner on the table quicker and easier.

2 restaurants find early success launching during pandemic

During a pandemic might not seem like the best time to open a restaurant. Thousands of restaurants have had to close over the past several months. But in September, two new spots opened just minutes from each other in Fort Lee. They're hoping to make it through the pandemic and beyond.

The quantum internet | The Big Idea

The foundation for the nation's quantum internet infrastructure (and what could one day become an unhackable internet) is located on Long Island.

Mango recipes by Chef Adrienne Cheatham

Chef Adrienne Cheatham has three simple dishes that prove the mango can be versatile: a mango sauce (that can also be used as a salad dressing), a grilled shrimp and mango salad, and finally a chilled mango soup.