Easy Peasy Holiday Desserts

Jessie Sheehan, the Vintage Baker, loves to prepare easy peasy holiday dessert especially her chocolate gingerbread snacking cake with cream cheese frosting. Follow Sheehan: jessiesheehanbakes.com, or on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram: @jessiesheehanbakes

The Tape Room – The 1980 Stouffer’s Inn fire

On December 4, 1980, a fire at the Stouffer’s Inn of Westchester claimed 26 people’s lives. Now, almost 40 years later, David Feete, the son of James Feete, one of the victims, is still looking for closure and figure out who was responsible for the fire.

Revisiting the deadly Stouffer's Inn fire of 1980 | The Tape Room

A fire tore through the Stouffer's Inn in Harrison, N.Y., on a cold morning of Dec. 4, 1980. Within minutes, 26 people were dead. A hotel employee was put on trial. He was accused of setting the fire so he could then act the hero and extinguish it. But is that really what happened?