Cauliflower Power

Food blogger Lindsay Grimes Freedman prepared spicy waffled hash browns featured in her new book, Cauliflower Power.

The Life and Death of Jamal “Mally” Gains | The Tape Room

On February 26, 2016, 21-year-old Jamal “Mally” Gaines was shot and killed inside of his own sneaker store in Rahway, New Jersey. No suspects have ever been arrested. The Tape Room takes a look at the case, and new footage showing the suspects who took Jamal’s life.

Tom Colicchio

The head judge on Bravo's 'Top Chef' is promoting The Jersey Tomato Co's line of products.

Pastor A.R. Bernard on forgiveness [Finding Faith]

Pastor A.R. Bernard, the founder of the Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn, has been preaching and counseling for 30 years. He talked to FOX 5 NY about forgiveness. He believes forgiving yourself or someone else starts with a simple declaration and begins a process of healing. If you doubt the value of forgiveness, the pastor said that holding a grudge comes at a cost. If you can't forgive someone else who has hurt you then you end up suffering. Reported by Sharon Crowley

Great Super Bowl party food ideas

Taking a little inspiration from Miami's flavor, Chef Eric LeVine of 317 Main Street in Farmingdale served up Cubay-style grilled cheese, wings, sliders, skillet brownies, and flavored popcorn.